We believe the body was designed to function without surgery and medications whenever possible. Achieving balance in two key areas is usually required to achieve this optimal healthy level: the spinal column and nutritional intake. An increasing number of patients have more than one health complaint, increased stress, poor diets; as a result we see joint pain, headaches, gastric reflux, and liver toxicity among even teens and young adults. Supplementation may be recommended to facilitate the bodys’ function, not mandate how it is suppose to function. All supplements are food based and do not include synthetics (which negatively alter the body’s biochemistry).

Our Chiropractic philosophy involves creating a self-sustaining mechanism of health for the human body through periodic adjustments and patient education. You’ll find our approach to Chiropractics to be a gentle, educational experience. Your comfort and well being is our highest priority.

There are many definitions to the word wellness. We believe wellness is a choice first and foremost…to assume responsibility for your own quality of life. It begins with a conscious decision to shape a healthy lifestyle…not a microwave short-term solution to pain relief.